The History of FCC

History of First Christian Church

Milton Freewater, Or  

Elder J. B. Daisley, Pennsylvania, was commissioned by our "American Christian Missionary Society" to come west to organize churches.  On November 27, 1886 we organized as a "Disciples of Christ" church, with seventeen charter members.  Elders: Ransom Wells and W. T. Wright; Deacons: A.M. Elam and John Hastings; Clerk: John Stone.

In 1887 we built our first church on the present site. 

In 1909 Drs. Earl Childrens and Leslie Obert were obtained. In succeeding years followed: Drs. Ward Rice, Williams Seifke, Dallas Rice, Alfed Boschee, Merlin Moon and Dean Propeck and so on.